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I'm Stuart Bonds.

Your Hunter District Independent candidate for the 2022 Federal Election.

Unlike the others, I can't be bought, and I won't be silenced on the issues that matter most to our community.

Our community deserves a fighter for our region in Parliament, not just a seat warmer or yes man. 

With me, you know where you stand on coal, resources for regions, and putting our community first. 


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What Matters To You, Matters To Me 

I'm a coal miner, father, husband and Hunter local. And like you, I know our region is getting a raw deal from Federal Government. 

We don't get back what we put in. I got sick of watching money leave our region, and not returning in investment and infrastructure. 


There are very few things in our society more important as safe, reliable and cheap energy - the Hunter provides this. So we deserve the best roads, schools and hospitals.


We're not getting this because our region is being represented by major parties who do not believe in coal or the future of regions. 

It's time that stops. On 21 May, vote 1 Stuart Bonds for a true independent for the Hunter. 

What I'm Fighting For

  • End The Hunger Games

    • Stop the capitol stealing our mining royalties

  • Save Our Jobs

    • Protection and growth of our Coal Mining industry that feeds 3/5 families in our community.

  • Stop PC Culture

    • From Infecting Our Schools, Sports, and Institutions

  • End Net Zero

    • Stop buying into juvenile hysteria. 
      Protect our farmers, Invest in energy production. build solutions not suffering.

  • Water, food and energy security. 

    • Dams. Cut through green tape. Local refining.

  • Own Our Future

    • Stop paying companies to fail, invest in our future.

  • Stop The Rot

    • Hold party politicians and back room bureaucrats to account, keep them honest.

  • Let Us Speak

    • Expand freedom of speech, expression and enshrine civil liberties into law.

  • Invest for the nation, not the postcode

    • National high speed rail, flood mitigation, and power stations, oil refining and essential commodities. ​

Kick The Tin and
Rock The Vote

I can't compete with the millions of dollars major parties get from special interests with deep pockets, so my campaign is relying on the generosity of grassroots supporters like you.


No amount is too big or small, and every cent goes towards mounting a competitive campaign for the Hunter.


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Or, you can donate below by direct deposit. Your donation is private and secure. 

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